Our Creative God

As I sat on the back porch of our mountain cabin, observing little critters, bugs, birds, and a plethora of foliage, I pondered the infinite variety of creation…the wonders of God who created, who creates today and who will continue to create in the future. Yes, I said what I meant, for if creation is part of his nature, why would he not continue to create? He cannot NOT do what is in his nature to do.  Creating, worlds without end. Critters galore. Variety, ad infinitum. So since he created out of nothing, that makes him the original abstract artist. 

We are the highest form of his creation. God has created us in his image, breathed in to all human beings the very breath of life.  And here’s more good news. Whatever he creates does not diminish our worth or his commitment to us. Certainly he does not love us less. Certainly his promises to us have no less meaning, nor fulfillment. God is no less intentional to us mortals, (we who are also his creation). I mean, think about it. He established a nation of people through whom he would provide a Savior for all mankind. That nation would have an enduring throne on whom the first king named David would sit. He would one day restore it. He then established his Kingdom of Priests for Jew and Gentile alike to be his people. He gave us his Word in written form to demonstrate his plan and purpose among mankind to bring a people to himself “from every tongue, tribe and nation.” Wow! Talk about creating, owning, promising, fulfilling. This creative God, who is likely even now creating worlds and infinite variety, is also our wonderful God. In fact the triunity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all actively engaged in our lives, working on our behalf.  Talk about intentionality. That’s intentionality with a capital I!

Filled with praise, I needed to release it. (I can’t say the trees and critters cared what I was seeing and understanding.) I felt compelled to express my gratitude and offer worship to our Creative God. I wrote these words as one attempt to express thanks. (I don’t expect to win any awards for my poetry. But it’s my song of praise to my Lord.)

Nothing Over Which

There is nothing over which you are not Lord –

nothing exists that you did not create,

earth, fire, wind, water and all of life,

all the elements your genius radiates.

Man recreates from your creation,

while you create out of nothing, with no imitation.

If nothing is the absence of something…

then everything you create is abstract intention.

Your design in creation is that of infinite variety.

Your ownership includes all somethings, yes, even all nothings,

it extends to all propriety.

From nothing to something!

Your genius is true.

From something to something,

man’s efforts renew.

With you Lord, nothing is impossible!

For man? With you, something is possible.

As mortal, it’s your glory I reflect. Out of my nothing you make something,

Thus your praise I’ll not neglect.

About collardg

A knight errant; defender of honor and promoter of integrity among men of good will and Christ's Kingdom dwellers.
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